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4 Week Live Course on Intellectual Property Rights - Trademarks


Course Introduction: 

The progressive inception of new-age technology/new businesses has led to the invention of several valuable assets/intellectual property, however the same has given arise to pressing legal issues such as: how to prevent its unauthorized usage, what are the remedies available in case of unauthorized usage, how to assign rights for the usage of intellectual property etc. Thus, the Legislature has done its best to address these growing concerns by putting in place legislations/mechanisms which protect and prevent unauthorized usage of intellectual property.

This course aims at equipping “everything about trademarks” to a learner including but not limited to conducting a trademark clearance search to drafting necessary applications before the trademark registry. The modules have been specifically designed with an aim to delve into a plethora of topics within the trademark law in detail. Needless to say the students would be exposed to a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications with respect to trademark law.

Course Structure:

SESSION 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property Laws

SESSION 2: Introduction to Trademark Laws

SESSION 3 and 4: Process of Registration of Trademark 

SESSION 5 and 6: Post-Examination Report: Next Steps

SESSION 7: Infringement of Trademark

SESSION 8: Assignment of Rights and Know-How



  • To familiarize participants with the concept of trademarks and their significance in business and commerce.

  • To provide an understanding of the legal framework surrounding trademarks, including relevant statutes and regulations.

  • To explore the process of trademark registration, from application to maintenance.

  • To analyze the criteria for trademark eligibility and the principles governing trademark infringement and enforcement.

  • To examine the international dimensions of trademark protection and the mechanisms for cross-border enforcement.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define trademarks and explain their role in branding and commercial identity.

  • Navigate the process of trademark registration and understand the requirements for successful application.

  • Assess the validity and enforceability of trademarks based on legal principles and case law.

  • Identify potential trademark infringement issues and formulate strategies for enforcement.

  • Evaluate the international implications of trademark protection and apply relevant conventions and treaties.


Prime Takeaway:

The prime takeaway from this course is a comprehensive understanding of trademarks as a vital component of Intellectual Property Rights. Participants will gain practical insights into the management, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, equipping them with valuable knowledge applicable to various industries and legal contexts. An Introduction to Intellectual Property Laws; An Introduction to Trademark Laws; The Process of Registration of Trademark; Post-Examination Report: Next Steps; Infringement of Trademark and Assignment of Rights and Know-How



The assessment in the Intellectual Property Rights - Trademarks course encompasses a variety of methods aimed at evaluating participants' understanding and application of trademark-related concepts. Through quizzes, assignments, case studies, mock trademark registrations, and a comprehensive final examination, participants will demonstrate their proficiency in navigating trademark law, registration procedures, enforcement mechanisms, and international aspects of trademark protection. These assessment components are designed to ensure that participants not only grasp theoretical concepts but also develop practical skills in analyzing trademark issues and formulating strategic solutions. By engaging in diverse assessment activities, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their competency in effectively managing trademarks within the context of Intellectual Property Rights.


Mentor: Adv. Rishitha Kishan

Rishitha Kishan is a 2021 BBA LLB graduate from IFIM Law School, Bengaluru. She was an avid mooter and finds drafting memorials an "extremely calming" endeavour. Throughout her professional career, she has made appearances before the Trial courts and High Courts situated at Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. She currently works as a Litigation Associate at a law firm in Chennai.

She finds everything related to litigation, contract drafting and corporate advisory to be fascinating, and she aspires to balance out the best of both worlds. In her free time, Rishitha resorts to sketching and reading novels.

Price - 1999/- only

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