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Law courses in India are increasingly gaining popularity among students both the undergraduates and graduates. India have seen a drastic change in the field of law. Its really hard for student to find out a profession they are interested in and what they what to do? What they want to be? By choosing law as a career option they think that their only options are ‘being a lawyer’ or ‘being a judge’, not realizing that law is a broad concept with lot of opportunities. Back in days career in law was only limited to courtroom but now days with the advancement in technology and society there is numerous career option open for a person with law degree, let it be corporate job, teaching, civil services, IT field and many more. In this blog we are going to explore those career options in law.


“Everyone wants to say they hate lawyers but I have never met a parent who didn’t want their kid to be a lawyer” are the word said by the American author Jessi Klein. A career in law not only ensures prosperity but also gives you a respectful position in the society. A person who studies law never runs out of career opportunity, they will always create one for themselves as law is a broad concept which have use all kind of activity. It is a very thrilling career choice with lots of new challenges and responsibility which helps you to develop self-confidence. Having knowledge of your rights and duties help you to tackle with unfair world, let it be present days or past, during the fight for independence the freedom fighter who had studied law have played an important role in getting back at Britishers, some of those prominent names are Mahatma Gandhi who had completed his law degree from University of London, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar the architecture of Indian Constitution had completed his law degree from London. Beside multitudes of career opportunities, financial stability, awareness of rights and duties, development of self-confidence, better communication skills law provides a person the power to make difference. Now the question what career option does one have, is it only lawyer or judge, are courtroom jobs only the available options? The answer is no career opportunity in law is not only confined to the courtrooms, those are surely the options but there are many more existing option in this field which one could choose according to their interest. In this blog we are going to discover career options in by separating them in two categories ‘legal practices’ and ‘other than legal practices.’ As the word themselves define that in one category we are going to talk about what are the option available if one wants to practice law and what are the option available for the people who don’t want to go in legal field.

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Law is an official rule for a country or a state that states people what they may do or not. According to the Devine theory of law “ Law is the formulation of divinely ordained rule for human action.” Law is there to protect people and provide set of rules and remind them their duties.

Why law is important? Because it maintains the society, protects basic human rights, promotes fairness, helps resolve conflict, promote justice, maintains a civilized nation and most importantly law makes the life citizen organized, safe and secure. If there is no law imagine the chaos it would create.

Why one should pursue law? In India legal profession has been gaining popularity among both graduates and undergraduates because beside financial stability, respect and prestige it brings the thrill and adventure as it is intellectually challenging career, it also develops self-confidence and communication skills basically it sharpens all kind of skill, and makes you aware of your rights and duties.


=> Legal practices

=> other than legal practices


Legal practices are the type of practice which requires direct involvement with courtrooms or requires giving legal advice. Following are the profession option:-

=> litigation ( advocates)

=> Lawyers

=> law firms

=> Judicial Services

=> corporate sector

=> human rights lawyers

=> solicitors

=> legal consultant

=> Arbitrator

=> legal relation & policy analyst


Litigation entails advocating for clients in a court of law. Advocates are the licensed professionals who have right to practice law and represent people in court of law. One can practice in court after they have fulfilled certain requirements-: one must have an LL.B. degree after that they can obtain ‘certificate of practice’ on passing All India Bar Exam and get the membership in Bar Council of the state in which they desire to practice. An advocate must have communication and managerial skill as they would have to talk to client and reassure them and complete documents in a given time period.


Lawyers are someone whose job is to give advice to people about the law. Lawyers can work as legal counsel and legal advisor for corporate sector, organization, legal persons, individuals and family. Lawyers can only provide assistant to the client. Those people who have law degree can be named as lawyer. All advocates are lawyer but not all lawyers are advocates. Lawyer have wide option available in different sectors such as government, corporate, media and information, education and training, banking, international bodies, NGOs and many more.


A law firm is another way to enter the field of litigation. It is basically a business enterprise, collectively set-up by a group of lawyers for the purpose of practicing law. A law firm is a partnership done between lawyers to represent clients. These are very beneficial for undergraduates for internship.


Judiciary is another most preferred career option as it provides financial stability and social reorganization. For this a person have to take state’s judicial services examination and if they are selected after the process of exams and interview, they are appointed to serve as a Civil Judge or Judicial Magistrate. There is high number of aspirants and only 10-15% are able to crack it.


Solicitors are the specialists who counsel their client, do drafting of the documents for them and arrange advocates to pled for their clients.


Every firm and business requires legal help let it be legal advice regarding merger or acquisition, drafting agreements and contracts, representing their company in court and other things. Business enterprises engages in operations that involve legal work, to fulfill those legal requirements all the firms have their own legal department which solely works for the company.

OTHER THAN LEGAL PRACTICES These are the practices which does not involve direct involvement with the court or clients instead these are job which is built on the base of law. Following are the type-:

=> Academia (teaching, research)

=> Police Services

=> Legal Author

=> Politician

=> Civil Services

=> Army ( Judge Advocate General)

=> Journalism


Academia involves teaching and researching, it is an opportunity where people are deeply connected with law and do research about it. If a person wants to be a professor or assistant professor of law they first have to complete LLM and enrolled in Ph.D. (optional), after that they must pass National Eligibility Test conducted by UGC in order to become an Assistant Professor. Students and law graduates who are interested in research can pursue it by getting vast knowledge after enrolling in LLM and Ph.D.


Media and journalism is a best option for people who don’t want to be associated with courtrooms. Law graduates already have writing, researching and narration skills which they can make use of in this field. They can take opportunity of their legal knowledge to work matter concerned with legal aspect.


Civil services are the most highly respected and preferred job option in India, a law graduate can take advantage of having knowledge in law as they can choose law subjects for exams and if they are elected further they would not face much hassle in adjusting to the job position and doing justice to it as they are already aware of all the rights and duties.


Judge Advocate General are the head of Judge Advocate General Department which is held by the major general who is the legal and judicial chief of the army. They give advices on legal matters and helps to apply military legislation.


If a person wants to pursue their career in law they have multitude of option and opportunity which provide financial stability and prosperity.



AUTHOR – Rimjhim Sharma

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