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Nowadays, many law aspirants are often in a dilemma regarding their admissions, whether to join an NLU or a Private University which all have greater future prospects. The above Blog clarifies these problems by differentiating them and stating their future prospects.


National Law Universities are generally public universities which are autonomous institutions present everywhere around the country. While Private Law Institutions may or may not be autonomous and are present specifically in a state.


  • ADMISSION- To get into NLUs, students should write CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and based on their rank may get respective tier NLU, so students develop a mindset of hard work from the beginning whereas getting admission in pvt colleges is comparatively easy.

  • MINDSET OF STUDENTS- In NLUs, students are with a great mindset to study and work hard compared to private law colleges as getting into it is itself very hard and after joining people's focus gets to the future and all related things.

  • GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE- NLUs have one of the finest infrastructure and good moot courts which encourage students to involve in those whereas in some pvt law colleges, we may find good infrastructure but not in most of them.

  • FEE STRUCTURE- NLUs have a nominal fee structure which is comparatively less compared to other private law institutions.

  • COURSES OFFERED- In NLUs there is a narrow course ranging from only BA.LLB. to BBA.LLB. In very few NLUs, but in other private institutions various wide range of courses are available.

  • PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES- All the NLUs offer good placements but the quality and quantity increase with greater tier NLUs. But in private institutions, some provide good placements and some do not provide placements at all.

  • INTERNSHIP- NLUs provide students or let them take internships from the very first year mostly as they give holidays of 3 months for that but if a student is of a private institution he gets to do the internship for a year long.

  • TEACHING TECHNIQUES- In NLU, they provide the old techniques of teaching which students after graduation are unable to implement them. While in private institutions modern techniques are used that students feel interested in and implement in their lives and also the educating staff is also qualified from good colleagues or NLUs.


It clarifies the doubts of beginners who are facing difficulties to join a college or select between NLUs and private colleges. Though NLUs or private colleges what matters is the hard work and determination of the student which shapes his future.

AUTHOR - Ganapathi Vignesh

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