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Submitted during Internship under Legal Specs by Vedant Singh Pal.

Gender discrimination occurs when there are unfair rights between men and women. They differ because of their gender roles, which ultimately lead to unequal treatment in life. Sexism has existed for centuries. But as we continue to evolve, it's time to dismantle such notions of gender roles. There are many grounds for sexism. First one must be illiterate. If people do not educate themselves, they will continue to live the way they used to. In doing so, they follow ageist traditions and norms. Education can change this mind-set because educated people are less likely to participate in sexism. Yet poverty is another reason that is somehow interconnected. In many places that's the main reason because they remain financially dependent on their predominantly male colleagues. Therefore, women suffer greatly for the same reasons. They never get out and remain financially dependent on men. The patriarchal structure of our society also plays an important role. In this setting, men dominate nearly all aspects of life. Therefore, they consider themselves superior to others. Thus much violence and injustice is inflicted on women. So if there is a gender that one considers superior, it becomes difficult to give equal opportunities to all. Gender discrimination has serious implications for society as a whole. It affects all parts of society, not just certain ones. First of all, it affects children because they become victims of gender stereotypes from an early age. Make an impact. For example, many girls do not participate in many sports and women experience more physical violence than men. Gender discrimination must be tested at all levels so that no one is denied the opportunity to learn and grow. Therefore, everyone, male or female, needs to start life in terms of education and other opportunities. For that to happen, society as a whole needs to come together.

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