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Submitted during Internship under Legal Specs by Kairav

Article 19(1) of the Indian Constitution grants the freedom to speech and expression to all citizens of the nation. The greatest source of this has been adopted by movie makers who reveal their sentiments and creativity through this medium. However, we have witnessed that most movies or their music videos etc. face protests and demands are made to cut parts which hurt sentiments of those people. This issue has escalated now because some elements of the society merely attempt to impose their propaganda and ideology to curb the artistic freedom. It’s necessary to understand that the Censorship Board of India has its own legal rules under the Cinematograph Act, 1952 which govern the movies. Every movie receives a certificate making it as U, U/A or A depending on the content it has and for whom it is suitable. The checks are stringent enough; therefore the masses must not scrutinise minor problems and blow them out of proportion. The film industry has a right to express itself as granted by the Constitution, so unless there is a blatant violation of facts or moral decency, that freedom shouldn’t be curbed. Most importantly, no movie is imposed on anyone and everyone has the free will which they can exercise to view them, therefore that final choice is what matters the most. We must become more adjusting to different perspectives and allow a cinematic experience to fulfil its purpose instead of harping on the legal rights granted to us.

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