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In the developing world, technology plays a major role. every developing growth depends on digital technology. In the world, India is the second longest digital developing country. In the present human life internet is part of everyone, they feel it is a basic need for human day-to-day life. With the increasing use of computers in society, cybercrime has become a major problem. Technology development has made man dependent on the internet for all his needs. The Internet has given all facilities to man will earn everything sitting in one place like online Shopping, online study, online jobs etc. Every needed thing that man can think of can be done through the medium of the internet.

Cybercrime is different from other crimes. The reason is, that it has no geographical boundaries and the cybercriminals are unknown. Cybercrime is increasing day by day in modern society. It affects the country's development and people's personal lives and business. Therefore this article tries to tell about cyber crime in a little bit of brief.

What is cybercrime?

“Cybercrime” is defined as a crime where a computer is an object of the crime or is used as a tool to commit a crime. It involves illegal activities that exploit technology to commit various forms of crime.

Types of cyber crimes:-

There are three major types of cyber crimes.

  • Against persons

  • Against property

  • Against Government

Crimes against persons are: -

· Cyberstalking

· Dissemination of obscene material

· Defamation

· Hacking and cracking

· E-mail and SMS spoofing

· Cheating and fraud

· Child pornography

· Assault by theft

Crimes against property: -

· Intellectual property rights

· Cybersquatting

· Cyber vandalism

· Hacking computer systems

· Transmitting virus

· Cyber trespass

Cybercrime against the government: -

· Cyber Terrorism

· Cyberwarfare

· Distribution of pirated software

· Possession of unauthorized information

Reasons for the rising of cybercrime in India: -

India is a large developing country in the world. Different stages of people living in India. Some people have no awareness of how to use digital technology and how to secure it. It is one of the benefits of cyber criminals, they have easily stolen information. The rise of cybercrime in India is a major problem, with several key factors contributing to its growth and development are impact. There are a few important reasons for the rise of cybercrime in India.

  • Increasing internet penetration:- Millions of people live in India. India has witnessed a remarkable surge in internet penetration, driven by the availability of affordable smartphones and low-cost data plans. While this digital revolution has brought several benefits to cyber criminals.

  • Rapid Digital Transformation:- Different sectors in India, including Banking, e-commerce, health care, studies, and government services have undergone rapid digital Transformation. India has adopted online platforms and digital systems have created new opportunities for cybercriminals to theft valuable information.

  • Financial incentives:-India is a developing country, and Indians growing economies. Increasing online transactions give opportunity to cyber criminals for financial fraud, including online scams, credit card fraud, and phishing attacks to gain financially.

  • Lack of cyber awareness:- Many individuals and organizations have no sufficient knowledge of digital technology. With this digital literacy, they are losing valuable information. This lack of awareness is a benefit to cyber criminals for attacks and theft of soft information.

  • Data privacy concerns:- Many organizations, companies and apps are increasing the collection and storage of personal data privacy concerns have risen.

The unrecognized access, Theft or misuse of personal details, financial fraud, identity theft and other types of cybercrime. Cybercriminals unlawfully steal people's personal information. The points below address the proper cyber security to instil awareness:-

  • Unlimited Internet access:- By using the digital internet, we have to accept anything without limitations we give permission. This format is a benefit to cyber criminals easily steal soft information. This is one of the causes.

  • Exploiting unauthorized products:- In several cases, Cyber criminals exploit unauthorized products having weekly security control in the corporate cloud.

  • Strong data in a small space:- We all store our information and data anything in our smartphones computers and laptops. It is the biggest cause of increasing cybercrime. It’s an opportunity for cybercriminals to steal data.

  • Easily access system:- We permit all SMS or mails, in this sense, our smartphones or computer systems allow everything authorised or unauthorised. It is an opportunity to cyber-criminals.

  • User’s Negligence:- All the individuals and authorities who use digital technology. Should be remain very careful to safeguard their personal information and data before they stored in computers. Fix the proper PIN and set a difficult password, limit the access. If any negligence on their part cyber criminals easily steal the information.

Impacts of the rise of cybercrime in India:-

The increase in cybercrime in India has a significant effect on individuals, businesses and other cybersecurity landscapes. This impact affects them financially and personally. Some important impacts of the rise of cybercrime in India:-

  • Financial losses: - mainly cybercriminals to focus on the economy. They are theft personal savings, financial fraud, online scams etc. It’s all effect to the financial losses to individuals and businesses. It also affects the national economic growth.

  • Intellectual property theft: - cyber criminals target businesses to theft intellectual property, trade security and property information. This theft hampers innovation

  • Reputation damage: - cyber attacks can mainly damage the reputation of individuals and organizations.

  • Loss of customer trust: - Cybercriminals misuse the data to manipulate customers.

  • Negative publicity: - If there is a cyber attack on an organization then it will lead to negative talks about that organization.

  • Damage to brand name: - If anyone copies their brand name or logos or secrets then it will damage their brand


Several measures have been taken at different levels to evolving threat of the rise in cybercrime in India. Some measures are being implemented to aware of cybercrime in India

  • Information Technology Act, 2000:-The IT Act applied whole of the nation. It is a primary legislation governing cybercrimes. It defines unlawful offences, like data theft, online fraud, hacking etc … When a person commits a cyber he will punished under those acts.

  • National Cyber security The government has passed a cyber security policy to protect the people's and organizations' important information.

  • Cyber cell and cyber crime investigation units:- Law agencies formed cyber cells and investigation units nationwide. These units take cyber crime cases, they are collaborated with other units and work for the people.

  • Cybercrime reporting platform:- The government has introduced online portals and helplines to report cybercrime.

  • Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (I4C):- This coordination centre takes all types of cybercrime complaints.

  • Cyber security campaigns:- The government conduct many awareness program and campaigns in online and offline mode to protect the soft information.


The various offences related to digital technology have been made punishable under the IT Act and IPC and other laws, they are below:-

Cyber crimes under the IT Act

· Sec 65: - Tempering with computer source document

· Sec 66: - Hacking with computer systems, data alteration

· Sec 67 : - publishing obscene information

· Sec 70: - unauthorized access to protect the system

· Sec 72: - Breach of confidentiality and privacy

· Sec 73: - punishing false digital signature certificates

Cyber crimes under the IPC

· Sec 503: - sending threatening messages by email

· Sec 499: - sending defamatory messages by email

· Sec 463 : - forgery of electronic records

· Sec 420:- Bogus websites, cyber frauds

· Sec 463 : - email spoofing

· Sec 383 : - web- jacking

· Sec 500 : - E-mail abuse

The punishments are imposed by the court imprisonment fine or both.


Cosmos Bank cyber attack in Pune:

Cosmos Bank in Pune this a recent cyber attack issue in India in 2018, when hackers stole RS 94.92 crores from Cosmos Cooperative Bank Ltd situated in Pune, it affected the entire banking industry in India. First hackers gained access to the bank’s ATM server and stole the bank’s all soft data. Then the hacker gang withdrew money from 28 nations.

ATM System Hacked:

ATM servers of Canara Bank 2018 faced cyber crime attacks 20 thousand rupees were lost in some money bank accounts according to an investigation cyber criminals got access to ATM information for more than 300 hundred users. Money transactions vary in amount from RS 10,000 to 40,000.

RBI phishing scam:

With the same RBI’s official website and having and Same logo and web address, hackers scammed the users to get their details. Then RBI Issued an alert about the fake phishing email on its official website.


A tool toll-free Helpline number “1930” (old number 155260), for immediate complaints of financial fraud on citizens' financial cyber fraud reporting and management systems.


In the present scenario, cyber security is very essential. The personal data of the people becomes more important than anything. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day in many countries including India. Because of online crimes, there are a lot of people facing many problems including photo morphing, loss of money in trade and investment etc.

Criminals got easy-to-access data from the users. So, the government should take steps and implementation against cyber crimes.

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