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This Article is wrtten by Meenal Chaudhary, student of Banasthali Vidhyapeeth.


In today’s world machines and Artificial Intelligence is playing a very significant role in our lives and is quiet indispensable as every small aspect of our life from unlocking our smart phones to other practices like online shopping, autonomous robots in manufacturing industries and other areas are highly impacted by Artificial intelligence and machines possessing intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the branch of Science that deals with the engineering of developing machines possessing intelligence which mainly includes computer programs. It is an outcome of research world and in contemporary era of digitalization it is one of the main actors. It is useful because of its characteristics like high rate of accuracy, its ability to decode complex processes n an efficient and effective way, smart services like content, task automation and other qualities.


· Better Learning Efficiency- Artificial Intelligence can learn more and as its name suggests this technology possesses intelligence and it is able to work for improving the network security with time. It goes through deep learning process to understand and learn a network’s behavior and further works by recognizing patterns on the networks.

· Identifies unknown threats- For human beings it is quite impossible to identify all the possible threats a company can face. Each year large number of attacks is launched by hackers with different intentions. In such situations Artificial Intelligence is considered best technology in mapping and stopping unknown threats.

· Better Overall Security-Business networks faces lots of challenges from time to time. Hackers attacks with new tactics every day. The only solution to these threats is to use Artificial Intelligence to tackle all such unwanted situations and helps to detect and prevent these threats.


Artificial Intelligence being an important part of our everyday lives needs to be regulated as Stephen Hawking feared that Artificial Intelligence can prove a danger and can destroy the humanity if it is not regulated timely. Regulations are need of the hour as it is the only way which can ensure peaceful coexistence of human beings and Artificial Intelligence.


The main concern regarding Artificial Intelligence is that of data protection and safety of user’s personal information. Artificial Intelligence depends on large data quantity which is immediately available which furthers poses risks. The sensitive and personal information of users can be disclosed in the process which can result into unwanted and threatening situation. Autonomous weapons can be manufactured and designed with techniques which works on Artificial Intelligence and can be used viciously by various terrorist groups to plan and execute a war. These risks of war can cause casualties on large scale and will harm the International peace. To prevent these risks and threatening situations there is a need of stringent provisions of law. In today’s time the dangers posed by Artificial Intelligence has alarmed the Indian government as India does not have any specific laws related to Artificial Intelligence. In current scenario the Artificial Intelligence is adapted and encouraged in India at large scale and is introduced in almost every field. Due to such high rate of adoption of AI with enormous speed, there is a dire need to enact regulations and laws. There are not any specific legal provisions existing for data protection but the area of personal information is protected by the Information Technology Act under sections 43A and 72A. These provisions provide the right to compensation in case of improper disclosure of personal information.


· In the year 2017, a step was taken to protect the people which included the right to privacy as one of the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution of India.

· A Personal Data Protection was introduced in the parliament in the year 2019. Once it is passed by both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha it will become a law.

· In the year, 2018 a National Strategy was introduced by the National Institution for Transforming India regarding the Artificial Intelligence.

The report of NITI Ayog laid down the suggestions- to introduce legal networks for the protection, privacy and security, to create ethics relating each sector, to set up a panel of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Department of Industrial Policy, formation of appealing IP regimes.

· Four committees were set up by the Ministry of Information Technology for analytical study of issues related to ethics.

· A new committee was launched by the Bureau of India Standards for leveled and systematic Artificial Intelligence.

· Establishment of AIRAWAT- Artificial Intelligence Research, Analytics and Knowledge Assimilation Platform. It talks about requirements for the responsible and ideal use of Artificial Intelligence.

· In the year 2020, the National Institution for Transforming India drafted documents for launching a body for enforcing responsible Artificial Intelligence principles including the aspects like-Operational and inspecting principles regarding responsible Artificial Intelligence, legal and technical network formation, spreading awareness about responsible Artificial Intelligence, representing India on world level.


Speedy growth can be observed in the field of Artificial Intelligence not only in India but also all over the world. Different sectors are adopting Artificial Intelligence. As field of AI is growing rapidly, the problems relating to this field are also emerging. To prevent misuse of Artificial Intelligence there is need of strict provisions to maintain security of the users. The government is working in this area to safeguard the privacy of people and to prevent the exploitation.

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