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Legal Specs is a community of law aficionados from throughout the country who believe that law should be available to everyone, as stated in the spirit of the Constitution, but what about legal careers and goals? 


This page operates under the common motto "Lawyers in Making" with the goal of improving students' awareness of careers and outreach.


We provide a wide range of legal possibilities, such as internships in various legal areas, legal courses, legal contests, and legal notes. We do not stop there; we also teach students how to flourish in many aspects and how to build their Legal Competency in this highly competitive environment. 


We are developing a legal website and would want to collaborate with any legal firm. We are searching for genuine partnerships with individuals, businesses, and startups. 


Our major purpose is to give all law aspirants with high-quality material, both practical and intellectual.


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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is our Team section. It's a great place to introduce our team and talk about what makes it special, such as our culture or work philosophy. 

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